Hello, my name is Michelle Terpstra and I am located in Ontario, Canada. I graduated from the Multimedia Design program at Durham College. I found my passion for the arts around high school where I taught myself how to use programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas Movie Studio. So I enrolled in the Multimedia Design program offered at Durham College.

In my free time I manage a wikia that I work on to keep updated and clean, in addition to interacting with other users. On the video production side, I create AMVs for youtube where I design my own channel background and logo branding.

What Can I Do?

I specialize in using Adobe Photoshop, and video editing on various programs (ie Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Adobe Premiere and After Effects). I can work with other programs such as, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustator, and InDesign. I have some experience with coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Actionscript. In addition to working with WordPress platform.